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Recent Digs 2

Still catching up with recent finds:

Lonliness Is Always Around

That's You My Love
The Love Bounce

Red Man's Revenge

And one from Andy Noble

To-Day I Want To Stay Inside

I'll post some more soon...


Recent digs


Soul picks from Nick Cope

From Nick:

The Pets -I Say Yeah (Carnival)
George Clinton was involved in making this track. I think he even
played the keyboard solo too.

Oscar Wright -Fell In Love (Hemisphere)
Also came out on another label. I think Hemisphere was the original
release, not sure. The other label was Fairmount.

Soul Circle by Spot & The Blotters was on Equal, a Michigan label. It's the inst flip to Circulating, the same track but with vocals on. It doesn't work well with vocals! The Spot 45 has possibly the maddest studio edit ever...!


Deep Soul 3

From Andy Don't You Ever Let It End by Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds. It features Milwaukee native Betty Moorer on background vocals.

I choose Trippin' On You by Shirley Johnson on Diamond Gem.

Deep Soul pt 2

Andy's choice is Sweet Harmony by The Seven Sounds Unlimited
I like The Greatest Debt To My Mother by Henry Brooks on P&P.Listen closely to the last line during the fade out.

The flipside of Mini Skirts


Deep Soul flips pt. 1

I'll be posting a few deep soul flips this week.

The first selection from Andy Noble is Just Wait And See by Reggie Saddler Review on Aquarius the "b" side of Raggedy Bag.

My pick is A Woman Only Human by Gloria Williams on Downtown the flip of Sister Funk.

Also go here and here for more deep soul cuts.


Big T. Stigler & The L.D.S. Band