6 for '06


Blogger Bernat said...

Love Carol Fran's! Keep on uploading more audio clips like these ;)


2/12/2007 12:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

teh barrons track and amazing sound for me thanks for opening more my musical taste ,thanks for sharing the musicaal wealth!!!!!!

3/14/2007 03:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love your site! i have been searching for a song for years. the problem is i don't know the name or artist. it plays in my head, a 45 my father had when i was a child,since disappeared. i see the label, blue, thought it was king or everest, vague picture in my mind. it has become a holy grail as i grow older, i am 49, time period is 60's for this song. sorry, i'm ramblin. the song starts with an organ, chorded. male vocal, " i'm a human to my-y friends, oh girl you know i am. i'm not a puppet, not a puppet on a string, no no no i'm not, then the music kicks in, ba bum bum bum,
"let me know, you love me so, or i got to let you go, you better hurry up and, i did my best, ba bum bum bum, put your lips to mine, baby, [hazy on vocals here} got to have your warm embrace. middle section, kinda quiet, i remember when you used to call me your loverboy, and never ever told me a lie. but, my how the times have changed, you don't even call my name, darlin i wanna know why. then it goes back to the beginning. let me know you love me so........ if it rings any bells at all, please let me know, thanks for your time

4/14/2007 07:20:00 PM  
Blogger n0y0 said...


10/07/2008 04:29:00 PM  
Anonymous Funk said...

lol perfect blog :)

8/15/2011 04:19:00 PM  

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