Mod-Art pt 2


Blogger Dave said...

Really like the Class-Set and Confidentials tracks. The xylophone (am I right?) on the Class-Sets track is unexpected & threw me off. And the Confidentials, such a nice mellow groove. Quirky, but real nice. How hard is it to come by one of those? What years was this label in existence? More details, please...

2/28/2005 07:54:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, just found this blog. It is AWESOME. Thanks for sharing all this stuff! =D

2/28/2005 10:02:00 PM  
Blogger andy noble said...

Confidentials was also on Masterpiece, down_beat just had one up for sale on Fryer's Funk Forum.. Its great but terribly pressed on both labels. Supposedly there is a version by the producer, Earthly Upchurch, that is pressed better. Dante Carfagna just contacted me about adding some stuff (he may have the complete output) and hopefully he will add that.

3/01/2005 11:37:00 AM  
Anonymous Dante Carfagna said...

MA-600 Charles McCoy Jr.
"Hey Girl/ Pt. 2" 1973
MA-3002 Chuck Sibit
"She's Gone/ Pt. 2" 1973
MA-1002 Newsounds
"Bet You Never Thought About It/ Just One Time" 1974
MA-300 McKinley Mitchell
"She's Married Already/ Party Across the Hall" 1974
MA-501 Confidentials
"Does He Really Love You/ Pt. 2"
MA-601 Eunice Collins
"At The Hotel/ Pt. 2" 1974
MA-1000 Chosen Few
"Cut Me In/ We Are The Chosen Few" 1975
MA-1075 Class-Set
"My Style/ Julie" 1975
MA-776 James Mann
"What You Got/ I Got To Move" 1976
MA-76 Guitar Red
"Share Your Love/ Fantasy" 1976
MA-39 Casey Jones
"Bring The Sunshine In/ (Get Up Off Your) Rusty Dusty"
MA-1976 Guitar Red
"Disco From A Space Show/ Hard Times"
MA-1977 Michael Quinn
"Disco From A Space Show/ I'll Let You Go" 1977
MALP-675 The Class-Set
"My Style" LP 1975
MALP-1976 Guitar Red
"Hard Times" LP 1976

MA-103 Dell Ingrid
"Try It You'll Like It Pt.1/ Pt. 2" B-side by Sago & Sibit
MA-104 Classetts
"You're Gonna Need Me/ I've Got To Space" 1972
MA-500 Georgianna McCoy & Classetts
"I Don't Want Nobody Else/ I've Got To Space" 1973
MA-500 Classetts
"I Don't Want Nobody Else/ I've Got To Space" 1973
MA-1111 Classetts
"I Don't Want Nobody Else/ The Guys In Love With You" 1974
S-2001 Chuck Sibit
"She's Gone/ Hey Girl"
MA-2001 Chuck Sibit
"She's Gone/ Hey Girl" 1973
MA-2002 Chuck Sibit
"No No Baby/ Out Of The Darkness"

The 45 of "My Style" by the Class-Set is pressed at the wrong speed. The only way to get the true mix of this track is on the LP. The Chosen Few 45 supposedly came out on the band's own Few Inc. label initially, but I have never seen a copy. The McKinley Mitchell 45 also came out on the Bill Collin's Black Beauty imprint. The Newsounds 45 originally came out on the Scorpion label, home of the Answers. The James Mann 45 first came out on the Soundtown label and is infinitely rarer in that form. Guitar Red's 45 version of "Disco From A Space Show" is slightly different than the LP version, and Classetts lead singer Michael Quinn also offers a vocal version of the tune (with a cut from the Class-Set LP on the flip). The Confidentials 45 was originally on the Masterpiece label from Detroit and shows involvement from Jackie Harris of "Work Your Flapper" fame. It comes as an instrumental (with a good mix) under Earthly Upchurch's name. The Casey Jones 45 also came out on the EPI label, credited to Casey Jones and the Firemen. The three versions of "She's Gone" by label owner Chick Sibit all have drastically different mixes. The Georgianna McCoy version of "I've Got To Space" replaces the male lead with Georgianna's female vocal, ditto the flip. I am aware of at least one other 45 on Mod-Art by Leon Farrell (of the Ghetto Sons on King James), but I have no hard details on that.


3/01/2005 12:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what's the track name/title of this Class Set mp3?
Can't figure it out looking on a LP scan and not a 45 scan.

3/24/2005 12:23:00 AM  
Blogger andy noble said...

Sorry, the Class Set song is "I'll Never Be Your Friend Again" the last song on side one, and my personal favorite on the LP!

4/02/2005 01:22:00 PM  
Anonymous DannySoul said...

hi my name is danny im new in here i love class set i have only 3 songs maybe we can share the lp if u have ??? i have good rare soul stuff i want to share with u bro !!!

10/03/2008 06:24:00 PM  

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